TRUE SWAMP by Jon Lewis

April 28, 2013


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Bad news first: I won’t be at TCAF. Money trouble, etc etc. Uncivilized Books will be there, and my books with them. I would like to make it to CAKE in Chicago in June; Autoptic in Minneapolis (August) and SPX in Bethesda (September) are virtual certainties.

True Swamp: Choose Your Poison has just received a very nice review by Rob Clough at The Comics Journal. As no one besides me is likely to be aware, True Swamp never received any coverage in the print TCJ mag at all*, so this is especially nice for the always-parlous state of my ego.

*I did appear in a ‘young cartoonists’ roundtable in TCJ in the mid-90s, moderated by Jordan Raphael; later came an unenthused review of Spectacles and a laudatory review of my story from Triple Dare #1. I’m not saying the nineties TCJ was consciously ‘against me’ or anything like that! I was never big enough for anyone to be ‘against’.

Another very acute review of the hardcover is at Rain Taxi (I especially relish the phrase ‘rebarbative anti-style’!)

Here is a good piece at Foreword and a finely wrought Vine Voice review on my book’s page at Amazon. (Erik K: you reached out to me through the blog at one point last year. I was tardy in responding, for which I apologize.)

Mocca earlier this month was nice. The tables still cost too much (even more than 2012) but it was easy to see the higher level of professionalism in the way the show was put together this first year under new auspices. I finally got to meet Ben Katchor, an all-time top 10 cartoonist in my estimation, whose signing spot was right next to me, and my friend Andrea Tsurumi quite deservedly took one of the juried prizes. And I bought an amazing slipcased full-color minicomic set by Keren Katz.

Previously, I’ve posted every new True Swamp page here when completed. In other words, my work cycle has been write one page, pencil it, ink it, scan it, color it, post it. This year I’ve been feeling more inclined to amass: write a whole bunch of pages, pencil all of them, ink all of them, etc. I’m in the ‘pencil all of them’ phase right now. It’s coming. Winter was long and hard, as already noted (I won’t mention it again). Spring is here for sure.

Tom K. and I are looking at roughly next spring for the second True Swamp hardcover collection, which would comprise the exploded-page-layout TS material originally published in Underwoods & Overtime and Stoneground & Hillbound, with augmented artwork and with story-enriching interstices.

That’s it for now. Stay hidden. I hope le sacre is particularly sacree this long-delayed printemps.


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