TRUE SWAMP by Jon Lewis

April 16, 2011


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I made it to Portland, though I did my best to screw it up with the neat trick of heading to JFK when my flight was, in fact, out of LGA.  Also, to my sorrow, Karen had to stay behind in NYC with a vicious sinus infection.

And another act of God (or whomever is in charge of bacterial events in this fallen world) has foiled the arrival of copies of the new TRUE SWAMP issue at Stumptown Comics Fest.  Publisher Tom K, like many modern industrialists a practitioner of “just-in-time” production, caught a bad case of Strep on Wednesday, preventing the arrival in Portland of both himself and the new book.

My Stumptown table, E-13, will feature, however, a cute little postcard showing where to order the new TRUE SWAMP online (it should begin shipping to purchasers this coming week), as well as ample inventory of my KLAGEN: A HORROR and a new print run of CULTISTS OF NORTH AMERICA (AND THE GODS WHO REGARD THEM.  (And a few copies of my short collection of micro-stories LOCAL STATIONS).

ALSO!  I have two last-minute additions to our table to report– JEFFREY LEWIS, well known in musical circles for his incisive take on the punk-rock talking blues, will be at E-13 with me, offering his array of superb self-published comix; and the caustically brillant TREVOR ALIXOPULOS with a selection of minis.  (Please note Trevor may be Saturday-only depending on what the horse he rode in on decides to d0).  They are joining myself and JOAN REILLY, who has THE DISCONNECT, a stunning full-color mini which is a tour de force of gouache-painted zooxpressionism.

See you in about 90 minutes!


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  1. I love TREVOR (and all those others too!)

    Comment by Tom Hart — April 16, 2011 @ 1:30 pm

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