TRUE SWAMP by Jon Lewis

April 5, 2011


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You’ll note the last page of comics was posted December 22nd.  Wow.  Did I get such an awesome Christmas present that I’ve spent the last 3 months playing with it to the complete neglect of True Swamp?

On Christmas Night we noticed some symptoms in our beloved dog Mischa which would shortly be confirmed as cancer, metastasized throughout his lungs.  Karen and I spent the month of January doing our best to keep him comfortable, clean and supplied with delicious food.  Everything else about life disappeared.  He died at our apartment on the 23rd.

The next day, Liam, the six-year-old son of two of my coworkers, passed away after years of fighting and winning versus pediatric cancer.  I began to hear of other deaths among the family of friends and friends of friends and friends of family.  I kind of assumed a protective pill-bug spherical shape and began to make silent requests for the impending Year Of The Rabbit to swing the pendulum away from Thanatos.

That kind of happened.  I uncurled and, so far outta my comics groove, spent about a month on a prose project with which I have been fussing over the last few years.  (Maybe it will be ready for people to see someday soon.  It ain’t yet.)   Then Tom K, who published the beautiful booklet edition of my Klagen: A Horror a few months ago, called and proposed a new comic to debut at Stumptown.

Oh shit, my comics!  Oh, shit, Stumptown!  MoCCA!

Anyway, hi, I’m back.   You’ll see page 35 of True Swamp here tomorrow morning.  On Thursday, I’ll tell you about my new comic coming in less than 2 weeks from Uncivilized Books.  On Friday, I’ll get ready for the MoCCA festival by posting a special treat.  And a week later I’ll see you at the Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland!



  1. Jon, a life-affirming photo or two from the Year of the Bunny is headed your way by email now.

    Comment by Isaac — April 6, 2011 @ 12:26 am

  2. sorry to hear about the losses in your life, Jon– the best lesson we can learn from pain is to become better people and honor those who are gone.

    I greatly enjoy your art and hope to see more in the future. cheers-

    Comment by Nemo — April 6, 2011 @ 3:28 am

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