TRUE SWAMP by Jon Lewis

December 8, 2010


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A hoarse hello to any new visitors coming my way after the 2nd annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.  It was a really great show, with enormous energy spilling from exhibitors and attendees alike.  My new minicomic came out beautifully thanks to Tom K and Daniel Wieken, and we sold enough of them to put a spring in my step.

I’d love to welcome you with the latest weekly page of TRUE SWAMP comics– oh, it’s inked, but the goddamn stylus for the goddamn Wacom tablet has gone into hiding somewhere in the goddamn studio and won’t show itself no matter how many times I say goddamn.  And without it I can’t lay in those lovely green tones to which I’m now so addicted.  So Page 33 is coming your way next Wednesday, after we’ve had time to turn the whole place upside down or buy a new goddamn stylus.

However, I have added a new page to the right, The Story So Far, which gives you an easy portal to access the 32 pages of TRUE SWAMP I’ve posted thus far without having to drill down month after month in the archive bar.  Pour yourself some catsup and stay a little while!


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  1. So glad I came out to the con and got your work. New fan! Looking forward to exploring the site now and seeing where you’ve gone since those early issues!

    Comment by john — December 12, 2010 @ 8:46 am

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